1. one that interprets: such as
a: one who translates orally for parties conversing in different languages
b: one who explains or expounds

1. One who translates; esp., one who renders into another language; one who expresses the sense of words in one language by equivalent words in another

[ Who ]

Argot Interpreting is the expression of the talent of José Luis Villanueva Senchuk, FCIL CL, MITI, linguistic mediator with over 26 years of experience. Having logged well over 24,000 hours in the booth (on-site and now RSI) and several thousand more in consecutive/liaison, his multicultural approach to interpretation and interpersonal intelligence comes, in part, from having lived in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, the United States, the United Kingdom, and now Spain. He is a Fellow and Chartered Linguist with the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL), and a Qualified (assessed) Conference Interpreter Member with the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

Jose Luis seamlessly communicates the essence of the original message in another language - precisely and rapidly - despite the cultural differences of the interlocutors. A natural communicator, while interpreting or translating, he is capable of transmitting the exact concept, idea and message that his client has and wishes to share.

His specialised and multidisciplinary training and experience [contact me for PDF's password] in the booth, as well as his knowledge of the foreign language and culture, enable him to render all the nuances and shades of grey of a given lecture or text into another language. Jose Luis trademark is to work closely together with his customers in order to understand exactly what must be conveyed. A conceptual communion between the customer and the translator/interpreter is imperative, as is the understanding of the target group and its culture.

[ What ]

Services offered:

Consultancy - Coordination

Site inspection/Venue selection, coordination of interpreters, event management and production

Master of Ceremonies
Host/VoG - Facilitator


This type of interpretation is used when the speaker gives his presentation in segments,of longer or shorter duration. While he is speaking, the interpreter takes notes and then translates (interprets) or summarizes the speaker's words. This type of interpretation is used in press conferences, public relations, speeches at State dinners, high-level bilateral meetings, etc.


Here the interpreter is the go-between in a conversation between two people who speak different languages. Used in dinners, private business meetings, certain diplomatic meetings, etc.


This is the most precise and accurate type of interpretation. The interpreter translates for the audience at the same time as the speaker gives his speech in his language. Given that the interpreter works from a booth, he is not physically present between the speaker and audience. The listeners have headsets to enable them to listen to the interpretation of the speaker in their own language. As such, it is possible to have a multilingual audience and for each person to listen to the interpretation in their own language, without pauses or interference. It is used for specialists who need to exchange information in courses, symposiums, congresses, conferences and so on.


Almost identical to simultaneous interpretation except for the fact that the interpreter whispers the translation into the client's ear while listening to the original language directly through the room's sound system (sometimes with minimal technical support). It is rarely used on its own, but in combination (simultaneous-consecutive) in press conferences.


Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) is very similar if not identical to Simultaneous/Conference interpreting except the interpreter is not on-site in the conference room. Since interpretation is provided remotely, both audio and video feeds are streamed to the location where the interpreter is based, be it a home-based office, studio or a third-party RSI hub.

I have invested in the appropriate technology to provide you with the best service: high-speed robust broadband – 99.9 % uptime – with redundant 5G/LTE+ backup, acoustic panels, multi-monitor capacity, professional microphones and headsets, Windows and iOS platforms, etc. Additionally, I have trained in/worked with the best RSI platforms currently available in the market.

Thematic spheres frequently covered:

Aviation (security and safety)
Government & International Organizations
Human Rights
Law Enforcement & Military - Security
Medicine & Pharma / Biosciences
Renewable Energy (Wind, PV Solar, Solar, Hydro, Wave-Tide, Biomass)
Road Transport
Tourism - Hotel Investment

[ Testimonials ]

  • «[…] we express our sincere gratitude for both your and your team outstanding professionalism both prior to and during ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review - Regional Preparatory Meeting for Latin America. Your service-oriented attitude and spirits where fundamental for the meeting's success. […]» –PP, UNESCO (ORALC)

  • «I hereby express our gratitude for your services provided during our Biosafety, Biosecurity workshop. […] We found that you were able to provide accurate and timely interpretation, regardless of whether it was delivered in English or Spanish […] We attribute your skills to the effective and efficient flow of the course; which is not always the case when interpretation is required. […] We would highly recommend your services, particularly where topics involve Law Enforcement or medical terminology. » –RH, CBRNE Sub-Directorate, INTERPOL

  • «I am an International Criminal Justice Consultant with over 30 years of experience in the UK and a range of other jurisdictions across the world. […] I regard José Luis as an exceptional professional who operates to the very highest standards. His personal approach is one of warmth and individual care. […] He would be my first choice of interpreter and coordinator […] » –JAP, Levallois Consulting LTD.

  • «I had the opportunity to work with Jose Luis for three events. On the third event he was the on-site coordinator for all AV production and interpretation needs. He is outstanding at what he does, extremely knowledgeable, consistent and knows how to get the job done regardless the challenges.» –NF, CMP, Project Management Institute

  • «José Luis is an excellent, dynamic interpreter who puts passion and personality into his work, reflecting the tone and manner of the speaker, while making the driest ones more interesting to listen to. Our staff mentioned many times that this was the best interpretation they had ever had! » –AP, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

  • «First, I want to thank you for everything, and, underscore for the optimal performance of your team of interpreters and your professionalism. The event was a success, and we owe said success to you too!» –Ufficio Addetto Scientifico, Italian Embassy, Argentina

  • «Both Mr. Jose Luis Villanueva and his interpreters team have excelled simultaneously translating our information from and into English and Spanish for many years now […]» –Dra. Diana Luque, Waters Corporation

  • «[…] José Luis was the lead interpreter throughout a demanding one-week training course on anti-corruption for senior prison managers of the SPF Argentina, and provided an exceptional and professional service, operating to the very highest standards. He has a particular style that puts both the audience and presenter at ease, being able to interpret both technical language and nuance to great effect. -RE, International Policing Solutions Ltd.» –RE, International Policing Solutions Ltd.

  • «José Luis is a skillful interpreter who takes great care to interpret accurately, clearly, and precisely. He is also a real pleasure to work with.» –JM, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Programme Director

  • «I thank you for your translation and interpreter support during the Partner Nations Command, Control, Communications and Computer Systems (PN C4S) Conference in Panama City, Panama. […] Nations of different languages were able to come together and interact in a meaningful way because of you. Thanks again for your support!» –Col. H.W.N., US Army, CIO and C4S Director, U.S. Southern Command

[ Where ]

José Luis Villanueva Senchuk, FCIL CL, MITI
(M primary) +34695729167
(M) +447926970872

Argot Interpreting
Madrid 28005